The Tyranny of Taylorism and how to detect Agile BS

​  Something very close to my heart is helping folks understand the origin of the practices that are commonly used in management today. I feel that only with an understanding of history can we figure out how to change the future. I often talk about this in my classes and help folks see why things […]

Slaying the Dragons and How to Successfully Descale at Scale

Many organisations don’t really want to change how they do business and believe that they can continue in the way they always have while still getting better at delivering software. They are wrong! While there are organisations that are successfully scaling out there, they are exceedingly rare. What are the commonalities between these organisations and […]

Live Webcast: Q&A with Martin Hinshelwood on 27th March 2020

After my last webcast I received a question from a good friend of mine about how to incorporate UX into a Scrum Team. Since I have been teaching the Professional Scrum with UX class I thought I would share the gist of what might be a good place to start.