What are the barriers that prevent developers from fully accepting a Product Owner as the final decision maker? 

Bridging the Gap Between Developers and Product Owners 🌉  In the realm of software development, the relationship between developers and Product Owners is a critical one. Let’s explore why sometimes this relationship is strained and how to mend it.  Accountability: The Silent Culprit 🕵️‍♂️  Understanding accountability is key in dissecting the relationship between developers and […]

How Hard is it to Transition from Being a Developer to a Scrum developer?

From Developer to Scrum Developer: A Journey of Continuous Learning In the tech world, the roles we embrace often define our paths, yet they can be more fluid than one might expect. 🌍 As we stand at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, the journey from being a developer to adapting the Scrum philosophy presents […]

You are doing it wrong if you are not using test first

Many teams are struggling with delivering modern software because they are not building with Test First principals. Test First gives us the assurance that we have built the correct thing, that what we built is what the customer asked for and that when we change things we don’t break anything inadvertently.

Work can flow across the Sprint boundary

There is nothing in the Scrum Guide that says that you can’t have workflow across the Sprint boundary. I’m going to suggest that not only can you, but you should as long as you don’t endanger the Sprint Goal. UPDATE: To find out how to allow work to flow across the Sprint boundary you can […]

Scrum Tapas: Scrum and Continuous Delivery

I get asked a lot at conferences and at customers how Scrum and Continuous Delivery can work together. The reality is that they complement each other and at the last Scrum.org F2F I sat down to make a little video on the way I think that it works. Scrum Tapas is a series of short […]

The High of Release

Just a week or so ago I was at Microsoft Future Decoded event in London to talk about the new Release Management tools that will be made available at Connect() and that might make it in to TFS 2015 Update 2. Here is hoping! The focus of the track was on DevOps and the focus of […]