I spell it as Favourite and you as Favorite

On of the issues that we have had in the office recently is that the rest of the Office, through no fault of their own, speaks and uses American English. I however along with the majority of the English speaking world use British English. Microsoft have recognised this with the inclusion of Windows 8 (English-United […]

Unit Testing against the Team Foundation Server 2012 API

I have been working a lot recently with the new Team Foundation Service (TFS Preview) that Microsoft is providing in Azure. I was building an application called TFS Field Annotate that allows you to spelunk a fields changes. One of the problems I ran into is how to Unit Test this. I have been doing […]

TFS Field Annotator

Do you make lots of edits to your TFS Work Items? Do you ever look at a field in the UI and think… last time I looked that was a 4? Why is it a 6? Who changed it? if you have, then the TFS Field Annotate is for you. Connect to TFS, select a […]

TFS Service Credential Viewer

If you want to connect to the Team Foundation Service (TFS Preview) API you are going to need some credentials in order to connect. That’s right, where do you expect to store your Live ID for connecting? Do you expect to add it to the windows credentials store? What about having the user manually add […]