What is the Single Most Valuable Outcome a Consulting Engagement Can Produce?

Exploring the Apex of Consulting Engagements: Unlocking Systemic Change In my recent ponderings, I found myself entrenched in an intricate query. At first glance, this question seems almost elusive: “What is the single most valuable outcome that a consulting engagement can produce?” As I thought more about this, I realised that the answer might not […]

What Does the Assessment Phase of a Consulting Engagement Look and Feel Like?

The Reality of the Assessment Phase in a Consulting Engagement So, as a Scrum Master, I often find myself grappling with an intriguing question – what does the assessment phase of a consulting engagement look like?” Come along with me as we explore the facets of this initial consulting stage and why it might not […]

How much of an impact can a great agile consultant have?

How much of an impact can a great agile consultant have? I think that a great agile consultant can have a huge impact. An agile consultant doesn’t have an interest in hanging around. They aren’t looking to spend months or years in the client environment. They want to solve the problem or launch the opportunity, […]