Storms of Neglect The Perils of Not Delivering Usable Products in Agile Iterations

⚡🌩️#StormsOfNeglect: The Cataclysmic Consequences of Ignoring Usable Products in Agile!🌩️⚡ What if I told you that neglecting usable working products in Agile is like navigating a stormy sea without a compass? 🌊🚢 If you think skipping usable products in iterations is harmless, brace yourself for the torrential downpour of woes it can unleash! From eroding stakeholder trust to the tsunami of technical debt, from getting engulfed in the quicksand of adaptability to the barren desert of feedback. It’s a whirlwind of compounding issues that no Agile team should weather! 🌪️💥 Dive in as I illuminate the catastrophic perils of neglecting usable working products when it should foster trust, alignment, adaptability, and quality! 🛡️⚙️