Is ALM a useful term?

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I was asked this question by Robert Myers for a “paper” and I think that it is an important one. I started to answer in that little textbox that LinkedIn give you and I got a little carried away. I guess I am an writing mode >>Do you think ALM is a useful term? Yes, […]

Upgrade to Visual Studio 11 Team Foundation Service – Done

Jason Zander has just announced that the Visual Studio 11 & Visual Studio 11 Team Foundation Server Beta will be available on the 29th February 2012. I am really looking forward to this launch as it embodies the phrase “spit & polish” and really lowers the bar for entry into the Team Foundation Server world. […]

Announcing Visual Studio 11 Beta will launch on February 29th

Its that time again where the Visual Studio and team Foundation Server teams are pushing out their next version of their tools, Visual Studio 11. Steven & Lori Borg teamed up to present a video on why you would want to Go-Live with Visual Studio 11. I used the Go-Live with many companies with the […]