Presenting Aplication Lifecycle Management: Precursor

I am doing a presentation this afternoon on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). This is the first time that I have ever presented on this topic, and I found out that I was doing it on Friday! I have put together a bunch of slides pulling information mostly from Wikipedia. I have another presentation afterwards on […]

A problem with Diarist 2!

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{Rant} I think that it would be good to remove the drop down to select your blog from the main blog writing page. I tapped it by mistake when I was trying to select a piece of text and lost my whole post… Only 10 minutes of time, but an entire train of thought! {Rant} […]

Working from a Mobile again!

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As I am traveling today and I am not taking a laptop, I want to be able to do a little personal work from my mobile.. What I would realy like is to be able to monitor and edit my CodePlex (Team Foundation Server) work items from my phone! And I am not talking about […]