How does a Scrum team decide on a Sprint goal? 

Deciphering the Sprint Goal Enigma 🎯   The Sprint goal is the North Star for any Scrum team – a beacon that guides the team’s efforts throughout the Sprint. But the million-dollar question remains: How does one conjure this all-important goal?   If you peek into the Scrum Guide, you might be led to believe it’s a […]

Work can flow across the Sprint boundary

There is nothing in the Scrum Guide that says that you can’t have workflow across the Sprint boundary. I’m going to suggest that not only can you, but you should as long as you don’t endanger the Sprint Goal. UPDATE: To find out how to allow work to flow across the Sprint boundary you can […]

What’s new in Visual Studio 2013 Team Foundation Server Preview

Steve Ballmer just announced the Visual Studio 2013 Go-Live preview at the Build summit not more than an hour ago so get Visual Studio 2013 Team Foundation Server while its hot! Remember that this Preview is covered by a Go-Live licence and is fully supported for production use.

Guidance – Branching for each Sprint

There are a lot of developers using version control these days, but a feature of version control called branching is very poorly understood and remains unused by most developers in favour of Labels. Most developers think that branching is hard and complicated. Its not! What is hard and complicated is a bad branching strategy. Just […]

Scrum doesn’t solve problems, it reveals them. How, and why is that valuable? 

Reflecting on Scrum’s Mirror   There’s an old adage often echoed by agile enthusiasts: Scrum is like a mirror. But what does this mirror reveal?   And why is this revelation so valuable?   Let’s delve into the intricacies of Scrum, a methodology that doesn’t necessarily solve problems but illuminates them, offering a pathway to innovative solutions.  The […]

Why do you trust Joanna to deliver Scrum.Org classes for NKD Agility? 

A Tale of Expertise and Authenticity: Meet Joanna, the Agile Maestro 🚀  🤖 There’s an art to mastering Scrum, and Joanna is our resident artist. Not all heroes wear capes; some wield whiteboards and possess a PhD in Robotics.   Let’s delve into the qualities that make Joanna the Scrum maestro she is:  🛠 Technical Mastery Meets […]

What is empiricism and why is it so critical to great Agile? 

The Keystone of Lean-Agile: Empiricism Unravelled 🧬  Have you ever wondered what fuels the vigour of the agile framework? It’s a concept that may seem shrouded in the enigma of scientific complexity – Empiricism.   Yet, in essence, it’s the compass that navigates the labyrinth of project management. Allow me to demystify its critical role in […]

If you could teach just one thing about Scrum, what would it be?

If you could teach just one thing about Scrum, what would it be? I wouldn’t teach anything about Scrum if I only had one thing to teach, I would focus on the underlying principles that underpin scrum. Empiricism and navigating complexity effectively. Empiricism. When I’m delivering the APS course (Applying Professional Scrum) or talking to […]

How would you help organizations pitch the opportunity of agile internally?

How would you help organizations pitch the opportunity of agile internally? It depends on whether you are managing up or down. Managing up. If you are working on a team or with a team and you want to adopt agile, but your organization is not yet ready to make the transition from project management to […]