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Shift & Share (40m)



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Last Updated: Thu 9 May 2024 08:36

PURPOSE Spread Good Ideas and Make Informal Connections with Innovators

INVITATION Invite participants to visit several innovators who will share something new or innovative they are doing and that may be of value to them. E.g.

PREPARATION Depending on the total size of your group and the time you have, identify 3 to 7 themed stations where relevant areas of the Increment can be inspected or where other highly relevant topics can be addressed. Although the focus lies on inspecting elements of the Increment or related sets of PBIs, other topics can be changes that are happening in the market, the release plan for upcoming Sprints, the vision for the product, something to celebrate or the experience of creating the Increment.

Each station should have one station host, which can be a member of the Scrum Team or a stakeholder. Make sure to leave some members of the Scrum Team available to participate in the Shift & Share.

Prepare the stations as needed by creating (simple) posters and setting up devices (smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets) with which relevant parts of the Increment can be inspected. Keep the focus on


  • Explain the sequence of steps;
  • Briefly let the station hosts introduce their station and what visitors can inspect there. Add stations as needed (e.g. based on what came out of the Impromptu Networking);
  • Everyone who is not a station host divides into equally sized groups, one for each station; (7 min) The hosts briefly introduce the theme. If the station is about inspecting the Increment or PBIs, the hosts actively encourage visitors to explore the features either individually or in small groups (2-3 people) using the devices available. The hosts collect feedback as it emerges;
  • Ding the bell to signal that all groups - except for the station hosts - move clockwise to the next station;
  • (14-40 min) Repeat until each group has had the opportunity to visit each station;



  • If you have too many stations for the time available, invite participants to use the rounds to visit the stations that matter the most to them;
  • Shift & Share works best when it is based on real-life experiences. So invite station presenters to share their experiences with a particular topic.
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