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Impromptu Networking (15m)



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Last Updated: Thu 9 May 2024 08:36


Rapidly Share Challenges and Expectations, Build New Connections


Based on the Sprint Goal, what questions, expectations, and considerations come to mind? What else?


  • Introduce the invitation and briefly explain the steps;
  • Invite participants to form pairs. Ask people to stick up their hand if they are still looking for someone to pair up with;
  • (3 min) Ask participants to share their response to the invitation in their pairs, 1.5 minutes each;
  • (6 min) After 3 minutes, give a signal and ask people to form new pairs. In their new pairs, people again respond to the invitation while also incorporating elements from previous rounds as well as noticing patterns;
  • (5 min) Briefly discuss patterns that emerged with the entire group;


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