Windows Communication Framework Evaluation

I am currently evaluating WCF for my company. Now, ML has some pretty strong polocies on beta software, but they seam to be missing something with WinFX. I can find information on the company intranet on Vista and Office 2007, I can even request them to be installed on my desktop as part of an internal beta program, but nothing on WinFX or WCF!

I think that they are considering it as less of .NET Framework 3.0 and more of .Net Framework 2.5, rather like the 1.1 release. Yes, the features that they are providing are amazing, and posibly revolutionary as they are leading the way for other development enviroments that need to rely on third party software for the tasks that can be acomplished by WinFX.

Having read the white paper The Future of ASP.NET Web Services in the Context of the Windows Communication Foundation and may others, I am in agreement with Craig McMurtry that WCF represents a gient leap in consistancy and security.

I will be recommending to my company that any future web service projects be done in WCF, with the ability of older clients to communicate in a basic means, and with the benefits of security, cross-service transactions and token authentication I think that this new technology will serve any company well.

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