Why I miss Orange and why Vodafone suck!


logo I am currently in Sydney Australia attending some training and meeting my boss for the first time. I was having a fantastic time until my wife phoned to let me know that Vodafone had called to say that the bill was over some limit and that they would be cutting my phone off if I did not contact them to confirm. Now, I had done the right thing and told them I would be abroad and where I was going, but I had forgotten to add my wife to the account. Fair enough…

So I called them and spoke to Customer Services to let them know that everything was OK, that I was happy to go over that limit, and add my wife to the account. They guy said that was fine…but next day my phone was not working.

I got my wife to phone them and they confirmed that they would reconnect the phone and that it would activate at 8am the next morning. It did not!

That was Vodafone’s second chance!

She then called today and the operator denied that I had given her access to the account, and that it was even possible that she had spoken to customer services the day before. The operator then refused to put her through to a manager and cut her off…

That was their third chance!

If I was a pay as you go customer I would have left by now, but with a contract I am locked in for 18 months and my wife for 24 months 🙁 being from Glasgow you can imagine the number of times I have had to edit this post for profanity and content.

I was a contract customer of Orange for 12 years prior to moving to Vodafone and I have to say that although I had a few small complaints with Orange their service and support is far superior.. I miss you Orange, I would never have left you if you had offered me a HTC HD2!

If you are thinking of going with Vodafone… stop, think and go somewhere else!



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    Hi, I have had my contract for around 4 months, And I havent really been using the phone due to signal issues – these are as follows, It would cut of bits of the conversation and go blank for a time period and then only receive some words within the call. I always have “limited service” on my phone where I cannot use it and I usually have 1 bar of signal everywhere.. Except bristol where I get full signal.. But the cutting out on the phone still seems to happen! I was fed up with this and wanted to downgrade my contract to the minimum so I could go with another service provider.. But no!! I cannot do this as I havent had the contract for longer than 9 months!! What a stupid policy… Im paying £30 a month to get 200 minutes and 500 texts and using about 2 minutes and 20 texts as I cannot get signal anywhere!!!