What do you do with a Work Item History Not Found Conflict Type Details

If you have no history in the system you are migrating to TFS, you may have problems when you try to do a continuous unidirectional sink due to your system not having a “revision” of the work item.

WARNING: I have currently no answer for this issue and I will update this post when I get a resolution.


You will have seen my previous post on the trial and tribulations with a custom Integration Platform Adapter, but Now, after the first successful run-through if I have edits that have happened since the last run and pass a history ID. Even if you take the latest version of the TFS Integration Platform (May) you will find that unless you can pass a consecutive revision number for each work item you will get a history not found error:

Figure: TFS WIT history not found conflict type

I needed to simulate the revision and as you say in my previous post the idea was posited that I could have a single counter that applied the revision to all the work items. The belief was that revisions did not need to be consecutive.

This does not seam to be the case as I always get a WorkItemHistoryNotFoundConflictTypeDetails exception when they are not consecutive. This seams to happen when you try to save revision 3 after you have saved revision 1 for a work item. I am skipping revision 2 as it never happen.

Figure: First Log of a full run with no errors

I have now updated the system so that it creates and stores a high water mark for each work item so that I can give it a consecutive revision ID. The result? No errors when runing through the first time above. You can see the “Completed migration” lines above and it results in 27 new work items.


Figure: New work items from the migration

However, when I run it again all looks well:

Figure: 16 Edits are detected and processed

You can see that 16 edits have been detected and the revision has been incremented. The problem is that even though I get a nice “Processing ChangeGroup #1501, change 3190:2” line i never get any updates in TFS. If I look in the Actions table I find that they are all on the backlog (whatever that means).

Figure: SQL to see what state the Change Actions are in

The data that comes back all has a status of 5 and a backlog value of 1:


Figure: What this means is anyone’s guess

This is a blocking issue from me and I have no idea how to “un-backlog” these items….