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Professional Scrum Primer

PSP | 2 hours | Beginner | Everyone

Course Overview

The Professional Scrum Primer is a 2h workshop where we dive into the basics of Scrum and answer any questions that you have. This is a collaborative and interactive workshop delivered in Microsoft Teams and using Mural to dive into the Scrum Framework. You could come in cold, and learn the basics of Scrum, or use it as a refresher.

The Professional Scrum Primer is a 2-hour workshop to help solidify the Scrum Guide for folks that are new to Scrum, and those that want to reify their understanding by working and learning from others.

Topics Covered in this Workshop

  • Overview of the Scrum Framework
  • How the Artefacts provide transparency
  • How the Roles provide accountability
  • How the Events serve empiricism

Expected Outcomes After Attending the Workshop

The objective is to give participants a taster of the Scrum Framework that can be used as a refresher, or as an introduction to the Scrum Guide.

You should attend this workshop if…

Those new to Scrum, those recent to Scrum.

Instructors for Professional Scrum Primer

Martin Hinshelwood

Scrumorg Professional Scrum Trainer, & Microsoft MVP: Development Tools

Before the class you should:

  • None
  • (optional) Read the Scrum Guide

How will this workshop run?

This is a 2h workshop that is facilitated online using Microsoft Teams and Mural.

There will be specific requirements for both in-person and live virtual classes that will be shown on that type of workshop below.

How will this Live Virtual Classroom run?

All of our LVC training is facilitated with a mixture of Microsoft Teams and Mural in the specified timezone.

How to Connect to the Team: TBA

While you should have an invitation in your calendar you can connect to the “ on

, in [ Invalid:[||T] ]” Team in “naked Agility with Martin Hinshelwood” using the link provided above. If you are struggling with access then please make sure that you have accepted the email invitation that was sent by Microsoft. If you are unable to access the team directly then please use the join meeting button in the invitation so we help you.

Before the class you should:
  • Install MS Teams
    • For both Mac and Windows, it is recommended to install the app.
    • If you are joining from your phone, then please use the app from your store.
    • Microsoft Teams is totally OK with you joining from more than one device with the same login if that is how you get multiple screens. When you connect your second device make sure that you “join with audio off” so you don’t get feedback.
  • Accept the Invitation – You will have been invited to our Microsoft Teams tenant on the email address provided and will have an email from “” and you should click “Open Microsoft Teams”; This will accept the invitation. You MUST sign-in with the same email address that the invitation was sent to. If the email that you were invited on is a Microsoft 365 account then please use your corporate SSO to sign in. If your email is a Microsoft Account or a Google Account you will be prompted to sign-in using that system. The fallback sign-in method is a simple passcode sent to your email address.
  • Additional Optional tools that help
Class Inclusive features:

After the class, you will be able to participate in the naked Agility with Martin Hinshelwood Community with others of an agile mindset.

Assessment and Certification

Schedule for this workshop

If you have more than 5 people to train it can be more cost-effective to have Martin come onsite and deliver a private course just for you. You can request a private course to be delivered onsite at your offices.

Professional Scrum Primer
Any where, Any Time

Delivery Mode: In-Person or Live Virtual
Visability: Private or Public



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Check out the Professional Scrum Primer page for more classes.

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