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Catalogue of Training & Workshops

Training in DevOps & Agility with Visual Studio, TFS, VSTS, & Scrum. Get your Scrum On with certified Scrum Professional courses and improve delivery and cycle time with DevOps practices and ALM.

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All of our workshops and training can be delivered in-person or as Live Virtual Classrooms. We recommned that you deliver training in the same way that you work.

Scrum (Scrum.org Certified) Duration Audience
Professional Agile Leadership Essentials 2 Days Leaders, Executives
Professional Scrum Developer 3 Days Team
Professional Scrum Foundations 2 Days Team, Stakeholders
Professional Scrum Master 2 Days Scrum Masters
Professional Scrum Master II 2 Days Scrum Masters
Professional Scrum Product Owner 2 Days Product Owners
Professional Scrum with Kanban 2 Days Team
Professional Scrum with User Experience 2 Days UX Designers, Team
Scaled Professional Scrum with Nexus 2 Days Practitioners
Scrum Duration Audience
Agile Requirements Workshop 1 Day UX Designers, Team, Product Owners
Professional Scrum Primer 2 hour Team, Stakeholders
Scrum for Executives 4 hour Executives
Scrum for Product Owners 1 Day Product Owners
Scrum for Stakeholders 1 Day Stakeholders
Azure DevOps Duration Audience
Assuring Quality Using Azure Test Plans 1 Day Testers, Team
Continuous Delivery Using Azure DevOps Services 2 Days Team
DevOps with VSTS & Azure 2 Days Team
Managing Projects Using Azure Boards 1 Day Team, Stakeholders
Managing Projects Using Visual Studio and Scrum 3 Days Team, Stakeholders
Mastering Azure Repos 1 Day Developers
Practicing Kanban Using Azure Boards 1 Day Team, Stakeholders
Enginerring & DevOps Practices Duration Audience
Engineering Practices Workshop 1 Day Developers

If you don't see the class that you want then please get in touch above.

Why naked Agility with Martin Hinshelwood?

We believe in empiricism, and so we need to inspect and adapt, which is dificult to do within a 16h class. So we offer:

  • Additional 30-minute session with the trainer for every student – all live virtual classes, public and private, come with an additional 30-minute session with the trainer for students that take the assessment within 14 days of the class to help them with their future learning path.
  • Additional trainning sessions for private classes – In addition to the public offering, Private classes will get additional consulting, coaching, and training sessions to be used within 6 months of the class that totals 25% of the training time. For a 16h class that would be 4 hours of additional sessions on any topic folks want. See

Class Inclusivity Features for those that are differently able

We know that more can always be done to help those with disabilities and we are exploring many technological techniques for helping those with dificulties by using:

  • Online Training – Train from the comfort of your own home.
  • Live captions in English – Microsoft Teams provides live closed captions in English for those that are hard of hearing
  • Live Translation in any Language (preview/experimentation) – You can request that we provide subtitles in any Language using Microsoft Translator Conversations.

Class Inclusivity Features for those in different economic context

Since our goal is to bring Scrum, Kanban, and their good practices to the world we need to accept that some markets just dont have the same buying power as Europe or the USA. To try and offset that reality we offer multiple ticket types that try to offset that inherant diference:

  • Primary Market Ticket100% market rate – This ticket is for residents of countries that we consider to be in our primary market; Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Saudi Arabia
  • Secondary Market Ticket50% Primary – Tickets for all countries not listed as primary. You will be asked for evidence of residence after processing.
  • Special Market Ticket25% Primary – These tickets are available through our local agents in Ghana, Nigeria, and other countries where purchase power has been assesed to require extra offset.