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Catalogue of Training & Workshops

Training in DevOps & Agility with Visual Studio, TFS, VSTS, & Scrum. Get your Scrum On with certified Scrum Professional courses and improve delivery and cycle time with DevOps practices and ALM.

Table of Contents

All of our workshops and training can be delivered in-person or as Live Virtual Classrooms. We recommend that you deliver training in the same way that you work. We have also noted a 6% bump in pass rates for classes with assessments when taken virtually.

For Live Virtual workshops & training we offer an additional 30 minutes per student that takes the assessment within 14 days to help them with their future learning, as well as 25% of the class time as additional consulting, coaching, and training sessions to be used within 6 months of the class.

All of our training is delivered as a flipped learning experience divided into learning blocks, each with presentations and lectures in the form of videos, reading material, and writing activities that are provided for self-study complemented by 1/2 day live virtual sessions delivered online using Microsoft Teams and Mural.

Scrum (Scrum.org Certified)

Kanban (ProKanban.org Certified)

Kanban (ProKanban.org Certified) Cert Duration Audience
Applying Professional Kanban 16h Teams, Practitioners, Developers

All of our prices and rates are listed in our Terms of Business.

Agile Mindset


Scrum Cert Duration Audience
Introduction to the Sprint Review 1.5h No items found
Introduction to Scrum & Empiricism 1.5h Teams, Stakeholders
Commitment in Scrum 1.5h No items found
How to run a Daily Scrum 1.5h No items found
Professional Scrum Primer 2h Teams, Stakeholders
Scrum for Executives 4h Executives
Scrum for Product Owners 8h Product Managers (AKA Product Owners)
Scrum for Stakeholders 8h Stakeholders

All of our prices and rates are listed in our Terms of Business.

DevOps Mindset

Enginerring & DevOps Practices Cert Duration Audience
Engineering Practices 8h Developers

All of our prices and rates are listed in our Terms of Business.

Azure DevOps


We believe that every company deserves high quality software delivered on a regular cadence that meets its customers needs. Our goal is to help you reduce your cycle time, improve your time to market, and minimise any organisational friction in achieving your goals.

naked Agility Limited is a professional company that offers training, coaching, mentoring, and facilitation to help people and teams evolve, integrate, and continuously improve.

We recognise the positive impact that a happy AND motivated workforce, that has purpose, has on client experience. We help change mindsets towards a people-first culture where everyone encourages others to learn and grow. The resulting divergent thinking leads to many different ideas and opportunities for the success of the organisation.