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A stakeholder is anyone with a vested interest in the product who is not part of the Team. You can think of Stakeholders as anyone with an interest in or an influence on the product. These are the people who’ll help discover, develop, release, support and promote the product. They include:

  • customers
  • key decision-makers in your organisation
  • project sponsors
  • colleagues who work with and understand your customers
  • people from each part of the business needed to deliver the product
  • professional worrywarts like legal (sorry, those in risk-sensitive roles)
  • external parties such as donors or regulators.

You need to make sure all Stakeholders understand why you are working the way that you are and what they will get out of it.

Our Approach to Stakeholders

To learn and adapt together it is important that all relevant levels of the organisation participate in the same training, as the realisations are profound. All organisations are different in terms of which ways of working are effective for them. Our training will help your people explore those options in an environment within which it is safe to fail.

Training for Stakeholders

Course Title Cert Course Type Duration
Applying Professional Scrum (APS)
Scrum (Scrum.org Certified) Professional Scrum Master I Certification 2 Days
Applying Professional Scrum (APS) Training Experience in Minecraft with Certification
Core Classes
Scrum (Scrum.org Certified) Professional Scrum Master I Certification 2 Days
Introduction to Agility, The Agile Manifesto, Cynefin
Core Classes
Agile Mindset 90 Minutes
Introduction to Scrum & Empiricism
Core Classes
Scrum 90 Minutes
Managing Projects Using Azure Boards
Azure DevOps 1 Day
Managing Projects Using Visual Studio and Scrum
Azure DevOps 3 Days
Practicing Kanban Using Azure Boards
Azure DevOps 1 Day
Professional Scrum Primer
Scrum 120 Minutes
Scrum for Stakeholders
Scrum 1 Day

All of our prices and rates are listed in our Terms of Business.

Why Stakeholders engage us!

We believe that every company deserves high quality software delivered on a regular cadence that meets its customers needs. Our goal is to help you reduce your cycle time, improve your time to market, and minimise any organisational friction in achieving your goals.

To help our clients understand the value, we add we will help them create a hypothesis for experimental learning and measures to gauge success. We aim to help organisations learn, evolve, and adapt so that they can continuously improve independently and no longer need external training and coaching.