Professional Scrum

Product Backlog Management Skills

Live Virtual Class, 14 - 15 Dec, 2023

Course Details


Live virtual training

14th December 2023

15th December 2023


09:00-13:00 CET

Course Trainer(s)
Joanna Płaskonka, Ph.D.

Trainer, Agile Coach, Agile Consultant


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This Professional Scrum Product Backlog Management Skills will be delivered as 2 sessions of 4h over 1 week(s).



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Course Overview

Welcome to a comprehensive journey into the world of Scrum’s Product Backlog Management. This course is meticulously designed to equip participants with the expertise to understand their product’s essence, master the Product Backlog, engage effectively with stakeholders, promote transparency, and make data-driven decisions. With sessions ranging from stakeholder motivations to the intricacies of the Product Backlog and empirical decision-making, attendees will gain invaluable insights, irrespective of whether they’re Product Owners, Scrum Masters, or Product Managers.

Our curriculum, rooted in real-world scenarios, ensures immediate applicability in professional settings. Under the guidance of experienced Professional Scrum Trainers, participants will benefit from a globally consistent and high-calibre learning experience. Upon completion, attendees will be eligible for the Professional Scrum Product Backlog Mastery assessment, marking a significant milestone in their Scrum journey.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Product Essence Comprehension: Dive deep into the core of your product. Understand not just its features, but its soul, its purpose. By the end of our sessions, you’ll have a panoramic view of your product, its goals, and the strategic roadmap to achieve them.
  2. Product Backlog Proficiency: The Product Backlog is more than just a list; it’s a strategic tool. Learn to craft, refine, and sequence it in a manner that aligns perfectly with your product’s vision and stakeholder expectations.
  3. Stakeholder Engagement Mastery: Stakeholders are the compass by which a product navigates. Master the art of identifying, understanding, and communicating with them, ensuring their needs and insights are woven into the fabric of the Product Backlog.
  4. Championing Transparency: In the world of Scrum, transparency isn’t just a value; it’s a guiding principle. Discover how to make your Product Backlog a beacon of clarity, ensuring all involved parties have a clear and unified vision.
  5. Empirical Decision Making: In an ever-evolving market, decisions grounded in empirical data can be the difference between success and stagnation. Learn to harness this data, turning it into a competitive advantage.

Course Format

The Professional Scrum Product Backlog Management Skills is broken into 1/2 day live virtual sessions delivered over Microsoft Team and Mural. These 1/2 day sessions may be offered in full-days or half-days over one or more weeks, depending on this class’s format, described below in the “Learning Experience” section.

Each 1/2 day live virtual session delivered by one of our lean-agile practitioner instructors is divided into learning blocks, each with presentations and lectures in the form of videos, reading material, and writing activities provided for self-study that complement the live session.

Learning Experience

Delivered as intensive consecutive full-days or non-consecutive half-days over one to two weeks!

Dive into the captivating world of Scrum with us! Our courses are crafted meticulously, encompassing the vital tenets of Professional Scrum. But it’s not just about theory, we believe in the power of practical learning. Engage in exhilarating, live, hands-on activities that are not just educational but downright fun too! Whether you prefer learning within the energy of an in-person classroom or the convenience of a virtual environment, we have you covered! Rest assured, you’ll be under the expert guidance of our esteemed Professional Scrum Trainers, who are at the helm of every session, ensuring it’s live and interactive. At, we’re more than just fundamentals. Dive deep into our diverse course offerings that span from the building blocks of Scrum and role-specific education to intriguing practices that go beyond the framework. These enriching elements bring an extra touch to your Professional Scrum journey. What’s more? We take pride in our globally consistent training! Regardless of where you or your team members are, from the hustling streets of New York to the serene landscapes of New Zealand, expect the same high-quality learning experience. Our Professional Scrum Trainers maintain a universal standard of training that transcends geographical boundaries. Join us in a journey of discovery, where learning knows no bounds, and every class is a step towards mastering the art of Professional Scrum!

More infor on Traditional Classroom Overview

Venue Details

Join us for a virtual experience via Microsoft Teams and Mural!

Virtual Classroom Details

  • Each session lasts between 60-75 minutes with short breaks of 5-10 minutes.
  • We've chosen not to record the workshop to foster an open environment.
  • We cap our workshop at 12 participants for a more intimate experience.
  • Tools you'll be using: Microsoft Teams, Mural, and Mighty Networks.
  • Online learning is almost on par with in-person sessions. Just remember, collaborating online might take a tad longer.

Golden Rules

  • Keep those cameras and mics on.
  • Punctuality is key.
  • No multitasking with meetings, calls, or emails during sessions.
  • Stay aware and let others have their moment.
  • Stick to the agenda. If you need extra guidance, there's a free coaching session for each participant.

Inclusive Features

  • Live captions are available in any language supported by Microsoft Teams for our hearing-impaired friends and those who need a little extra help.
  • After the class, join the "naked Agility with Martin Hinshelwood Community" to connect with like-minded individuals.

Payment & Cancellation

  • Payment is upfront, with no exceptions.
  • UK clients, please note there's an additional VAT.
  • We're not liable for any costs from cancellations or rescheduling.
  • We need a certain number of participants to run the class.
  • Rarely, courses might be cancelled due to insufficient participants. We're not responsible for any related costs.
  • You can cancel up to the online ticketing deadline. Refunds might have some deductions.
  • Postponing? Give us at least three business days' notice. Otherwise, it's considered a cancellation with no refund.
  • Electronic manuals and assessment fees are covered. Physical manuals? Not so much.

Setting Up Your Virtual Space

Participating in virtual classes requires some prep. Here's what we recommend:

  • Equipment: A computer that can run Mural and a device for Microsoft Teams. Multiple monitors are a plus but not a must.
  • MS Teams: Install it from here. It's best to use the app on Mac, Windows, or mobile rather than the web interface.
  • Appearance: We've seen it all - shadows, half-faces, up-nose, and more. Being visible and present is crucial. Think of how you'd present yourself in a physical meeting.
  • Camera: A good quality one is essential. The Elgato Facecam comes highly recommended.
  • Lighting: Ensure you're well-lit. Consider getting a face light, especially if you're in darker environments.
  • Microphone: Laptop mics aren't the best. Consider investing in a quality one, like the Elgato Wave or Yeti Blue Microphone. Use Krisp Noise Canceling to prevent background noise.
  • Background: A wall behind you works best if you're using a virtual background. Curious about my background? Just ask!
  • Attire: Wear what makes you comfortable. Whether it's formal wear, casuals, or even jammies, as long as it's appropriate, you're good to go.

Remember, the key is to be present and engaged. Let's make the most of this virtual experience together!