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APS Secret Agent: The Eye Roller

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It is important to assess the impact of different team behaviours on the outcomes of Sprints. The purpose of Sprint 3 is to investigate this and this activity on your part will help your team see how different dysfunctional team behaviours impact their effectiveness.

Your Scrum Master will not know what’s going on. Part of their role is to figure it out.

– until the Sprint 3 Retrospective
– instructions to follow

This optional task should be performed during Sprint 3 and only be revealed during the Sprint 3 retrospective. Feel free to overact and have fun. If you are uncomfortable then don’t worry, this is optional! You are free to opt out.

Please do not reveal your secret mission until the Sprint 3 Retrospective.

Playing the The Eye Roller

The Eye Roller sees Scrum as unnecessary and vocally complains about using it, falling just short of refusing to participate. The Eye Roller does ultimately comply with Scrum rules, but doesn’t fail to let others on the Team know he or she feel it is stupid, dumb, or unworthy of them.

Examples of The Eye Roller Behaviour

  • Subversive one on one discussions with other Team members claiming that Scrum is not needed or is not solving existing problems.
  • Being late to events like Sprint Planning, the Daily Scrum, or Sprint Review.
  • Making derisive comments.
  • Being inattentive during Team discussions or planning.

Typical Effects of The Eye Rollers

  • General Team discomfort and lowered levels of trust.
  • Wasted time in conversations that occur over and over again.
  • The Team’s focus is drawn away from delivering an increment that meets the Sprint Goal.

The Sprint 3 Retrospective

At the Sprint 3 Retrospective continue to play the role unless rumbled by your team members! Your mission is a success if you manage to escape detection!

After the Retro we will have a reveal!


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