Project Server 2013 Issue – TF294026: The following work item field does not exist

When you try to upload the default field mappings for Project Server 2013 integration with Team Foundation Server 2012 you can encounter a TF294026: The following work item field does not exist error.

TF294026: The following work item field does not exist
Figure: TF294026: The following work item field does not exist

With the message:

TF294026: The following work item field does not exist: Microsoft.VSTS.Scheduling.CompletedWork. Contact your administrator for Team Foundation Server to add this work item field.

You are unable to continue without fixing…

Applies to

  • Project Server 2013
  • Team Foundation Server 2012
  • Project Server Extensions for Team Foundation Server


Project Server requires that you have data for Remaining Work, Completed Work and Original Estimate for it to function correctly.

The Task Work Item Type only includes Remaining Work
Figure: The Task Work Item Type only includes Remaining Work

The Visual Studio Scrum Process Template however does not include these as they are not required for Scrum.


Use the instructions on Required Changes to Make When Mapping to a Team Project That Was Created From the Scrum Process Template to update the Task Work Item Type for the Visual Studio Scrum 2.0 template to add both the Completed Work and Original Estimate fields.

Warning The documentation on MSDN is currently out of date and misses two fields that need to be added. Make sure that you also add the Start and End dates.

Figure: Add both Original Estimate and Completed Work

Although we are adding these fields to the Task type we are not necessarily adding them to the UI for users to fill out. We can leave them available for Project Server, while out Team Members of a Scrum Team would be blissfully ignorant of their existence.

  • Betty

    Was the project server sync for 2012 upgraded in any way to support iteration dates? or do you think Microsoft are expecting very few companies to bother with this sync now that the web access has all the new project management features?

    • That is a very good questions and to be honest I am not sure. The documentation is not quite up to date with the SharePoint 2013 RTM and still talks of “Sprint” work item types…

      How would you like the Iteration date Synced? Do you want all work items within that Sprint/Iteration to reflect the same dates?

      • Betty

        Honestly i haven’t thought too much about how it should work, i would suspect that having the items reflecting the same dates wouldn’t be a popular choice. Probably depends a lot on which data source would win when there’s a conflict. When Project Server > TFS then updating the sprint to be the max/min datetimes of the related tasks would make sense, however if TFS > Project Server then it would be more of a guideline/validation where tasks can’t be scheduled outside of these dates. *Shrug* I’m not actually sure syncing to project server would add much (if any) value and would probably just make things too complicated.

  • Joao Almeida

    Hi, today (06/17/2014) when I try to do this kind of customization. We need more two fields to integration StartDate and FinishDate.

    on field section on workitem

    Start Date of Work – set once, when work begins.

    Finish Date of Work – set once, when work ends.

    on form section of workitem

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  • Mark Blackburn

    Hi – I’ve come across this issue when trying to add a Project Server to an existing TFS instance with Scrum projects that are already in progress.
    I’ve followed the instructions in the solution link regarding updating the Scrum task type definition (including the additions that Joao outlined above), but that doesn’t help me upload the field mappings. I can’t download the default mappings and modify them as you can’t download mappings until they’ve been uploaded. Is there an example of a mappings file containing the default mappings (or even the default mappings modified to support scrum) anywhere that I can use as a basis?

    • Mark, if your teams are doing Scrum then using Project Server to manage the work will likely cripple their ability to deliver. It is not a good practice and I believe that the Scrum template deliberately does not support MS Project. As I have never tried to import Project Server on a Scrum team I have not hit this… the default mappings are listed on and you can build an xml file from the references.