What is your #1 tip for effective Sprint Planning?

Sprint planning is a cornerstone of successful Agile teams and a vital phase for us Agile buffs; therefore, there’s always much to consider.  🚀 And so I often get asked about that ONE tip that can make it truly effective. 🔥 Let’s discuss in detail why ‘Pre-Sprint Planning’ is so important. Mastery Over the Product […]

What is the most common mistake in Sprint Planning?

Avoiding the Biggest Sprint Planning Mistake I’m often asked about the most common mistakes in sprint planning.  It’s crucial to navigate sprint planning and to understand where we often go wrong.  🤔 I’ve had many interactions with teams about the nuances of sprint planning, so I’d like to shed light on the most common mistake […]

What is Sprint Planning?

Setting the Tone for Success The age-old question that many present to me is pretty simple, “What is sprint planning?” Yet, lurking behind that more profound inquiry lays another question,  “Why is Sprint planning?” Let me help shed some light on this. 🚀 Moment of Alignment Sprint planning is, fundamentally, a time where we get […]

How to Set and Achieve Effective Sprint Goals

🚀 Navigating the intricacies of the Sprint Goal in Scrum? 🎯 Discover the essence of crafting a goal that drives real value! 📈 Dive deep into the tactical steps, avoid common pitfalls, and ensure your team is on the right track. 🛤️ Let’s demystify the Sprint Goal together! 🤝 #Scrum #Agile #SprintGoal

Decoding Scrum Team Work: Balancing Sprint and Refinement Work

Software Development is not just a systematic process but a dynamic interplay of critical work that shapes the progress of your product. A Scrum team’s work can be classified into Sprint work and Refinement. To steer your Scrum Team towards success, it’s essential to understand, manage, and balance these two types of work. This article […]

Navigating the Future with a Fine-Tuned Product Backlog

🔍 Discover the underpinnings of a transparent and promising future in Agile Product Management! My latest blog post explores the indispensable role of an ordered Product Backlog that is coherent, refined, and rightly sized.

How does a scrum team decide on a sprint goal?

A product owner will work closely with customers, product stakeholders, and developers to order the product backlog and ensure that the team are working on the most valuable items. The #scrumteam will then create a #sprintbacklog and create a #sprintgoal that acts as a North Star for the team and guides them to their best […]

Improve Your Sprint Goal With This Simple Guideline …

The Sprint Goal can affect how the Sprint is run. However, there are quite many organisations who still have a misperception that the Sprint is only a mini-waterfall and the Sprint Goal is about finishing all of the Product Backlog items that has been prescribed. In this video, I share with you my simple guideline […]

TWO Ways For Scrum Backlog Refinement [ It’s NOT Backlog Grooming ]

The topic Product Backlog Refinement interestingly has caused unnecessary conflicts in many companies … it has caused bloodbath in some companies too. The Product Backlog refinement has left many questions and misunderstandings in the Scrum team. Who is supposed to refine and more details onto the Product Backlog item? Is this the Product Owner’s job? […]

Sprint Goal is an Immediate Tactical Goal

In the The Evidence-Based Management Guide we talk about the Intermediate Strategic Goal and I likened that to the Product Goal in the 2020 Scrum Guide. If we also think of each Sprint as a tactical move towards fulfilling that Product Goal then the Sprint Goal becomes an Intermediate Tactical Goal that moves us towards […]