Professional Scrum is for everyone in your organisation

Recently I worked with a new customer in Denver to help them move towards a greater degree of Scrum in their software development. The idea that Scrum is for everyone in your organisation is kind of new, but it reflects the modern understanding of the way people work, and the rejection of Taylorism and command […]

Can you talk about the Kanban workshop and why it’s a great option for organizations

#scrum is a great solution for teams wanting to acquire an #agileframework to help navigate complexity in #productdevelopment. That said, some of the events and artefacts don’t resonate with every team, and so #kanban has become an increasingly popular option for #productdevelopment teams that want to navigate complexity, grow agile capabilities, but don’t want a […]

What is a sprint backlog?

A sprint backlog is one of the artefacts in #scrum. It’s also a critical part of setting expectations for the #sprint, and ensuring that the #scrumteam are working on the most valuable items for the customer, #productowner, and product stakeholders. In this short video, Martin Hinshelwood explains what a #sprintbacklog is, how they are assembled, […]

What is sprint planning?

A #sprint is a container within #scrum where all the work, events, and artefacts of the #scrumframework happens. Often, it’s a predetermined length somewhere between one and four weeks, and the intention of the team is to produce a working product within that time box. #sprintplanning is an event where the #scrumteam come together to […]

What is a common mistake made by rookie agile consultants?

What is a common mistake made by rookie agile consultants? I think the most common mistake made by a rookie agile consultant is the belief that simply by following the rules or processes of whatever agile framework they recommend; positive results and outcomes will be achieved. A belief that these practices and processes will solve […]

Advanced Product Delivery (APD)

Professional Scrum Training Scrum is a framework for teams to iteratively and incrementally developing and sustaining complex products. It is the most popular of all the Agile frameworks, and is composed of three Roles, three Artefacts and five Events. Read the Scrum Guide to understand the framework. If you are ready to book your Scrum training now, […]

You can’t stack rank hierarchical work items?

At the MVP Summit I was appalled by the number of people who asked questions about new features for supporting hierarchical tasks! I shared a disgusted look with Peter Provost and we had a quick (and I mean really quick) conversation that resulted in this post. it really comes down to one thing: You can’t […]