Are you doing Scrum? Really?

This week I was at the ALM Summit in Redmond. There was a very interesting talk from David Starr of going over the recent changes in Scrum. These changes are, I think, designed to battle the things that have made Scrum unpalatable to many people. The reality is that many people and organisation are […]

Upgrading from TFS 2008 and WSS v3.0 with SfTSv2 to TFS 2010 and SF 2010 with SfTSv3

I have been working with a rather large customer that have over 150GB in Team Foundation Server with over 10GB in SharePoint. They are also using the Scrum for Team System v2 (SfTSv2) Process template that is not supported under TFS 2010 so I need to upgrade those process templates to Scrum for Team System […]