Getting started with a modern source control system and DevOps

There are a few DevOps practices that are not optional if you have a professional team striving for engineering excellence in the world of modern software development.

Professional Scrum Training for the Ghana Police Service

Last time I talked about the Ghana Police Service (GPS) I was talking about Professional Organisational Change and the approach the Inspector General of Police (IGP) is taking; using Scrum to incrementally make changes to the organisation. While Nana Abban and the IGP have been focusing on the big picture, I have been in Ghana […]

Creating nested teams in Visual Studio ALM

I just got a question on Teams without areas using Team Field in TFS and I decided that it warranted a bigger answer. The question was around creating nested teams and how to achieve it. Now, this applies to both Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server if you are using area path, and only TFS if you are using Team Field.

NDC London 2014: Why TFS no longer sucks and VSO is awesome

I was in London last week to do a talk on why TFS no longer sucks entitled “Second Look, Team Foundation Server & VSO”. I had a tone of preparatory work to do too make the demos smooth. The great god Murphy was however not smiling, but he was not angry. Some errors occurred, but no blue screens. […]

What’s new in Visual Studio 2013 and TFS 2013 RC

As you may have noticed the Visual Studio team has just put out a Release Candidate to the log awaited Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013.

Professional Scrum Foundations in Alameda, California

Professional Scrum Foundations is my favourite course to teach as it balances fun and learning with practical experience.The Professional Scrum Foundations course is from and, over two days covers all of the core concepts of Scrum.

Are you doing Scrum? Really?

This week I was at the ALM Summit in Redmond. There was a very interesting talk from David Starr of going over the recent changes in Scrum. These changes are, I think, designed to battle the things that have made Scrum unpalatable to many people. The reality is that many people and organisation are […]