Introduction to Visual Studio 11

imageOver on the Northwest Cadence blog we are doing a big push on Visual Studio 11 (dev11) content.  I and my colleagues will be delivering content on Visual Studio 11,  Visual Studio 11 Team Foundation Server & Visual Studio Team Foundation Service (AKA TFS Preview).

I have been concentrating on the hosted (azure) version of TFS and my first blog post has just gone up on that includes both screenshots, opinions and video demos of TFS preview in action.

Figure: Lots of awesome video demos

Some of the highlights are:

  • Live ID login
  • Web UI that works on more than IE
  • Dates on Iterations
  • Built in support for Team’s
  • Project & Team profiles with images and identity
  • Default areas and Iterations for teams
  • Support for configuring Alerts for others and teams
  • The ability to see effective permissions
  • Options to see where those effective permissions came from

I only have one post today, but I have more tomorrow:

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And this just the beginning…

There will be plenty more this month and after the 2012 MVP Global Summit in a couple of weeks…