Installing Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 8

As I have mentioned before I run all of my heavy weight software in a VM. That is one of the reasons that I love Windows 8… I can run Hyper-V. I want to be able to reinstall my local computer quickly, and to get back up and running fast.

I run many apps on my local computer, but they are things like Outlook, Windows Live Writer, Camtasia, Snagit and Diablo as well as any coms apps I need. I run Visual Studio in a VM so that I can reinstall my host and get back working fast, and I can also reinstall my Visual Studio VM while using my current one Smile.

Now VM’s can be slow, so I got me a faster system…

Figure: Booting Windows 8 on Hyper-V in under 10 seconds

… Thus I can boot any of my VM’s in 8-15 seconds depending on what I am running. The exceptions I have are older OS’s that don’t support the faster boot model.

The problem at hand is to create a VM with Visual Studio 2010, but running on Windows 8. I always install on a clean install. I don’t do upgrades as frankly its less painful to figure out how to bite the bullet and reinstall everything efficiently than to take the pain later of errors that I really don’t know wither they are coz of the product or the beta versions of some widget that I used to have two operating systems ago.

Figure: Rigel is running Windows 8

Unlike the Server 2012 environment I don’t need to Snapshot. I don’t want the overhead and it makes the VM itself un-portable…

Figure: Installing Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 8

I will be using the VM to both work and demo with Visual Studio 2010 against any version of Team Foundation Server. I have a VM with TFS 2010 and my new one with TFS 2012. I will be doing a full install of 2010 for two reasons. First I don’t know what I will be called upon to demo until I am, sometimes with little or no prep time coz customers like you to “jump to”. Second is that I hate going to use a feature and it wither is not there, or pops a modal dialog asking for a DVD ROM or some other crap. I just want it to work.

Figure: The install is running

I have often seen teams being required to use an old version of Visual Studio on a newer OS. I see many team using Visual Studio 2008 and even Visual Studio 2005 on Windows 7. I even used to do that myself. These days I tend to be only one version back. I count that from the latest supported version of Visual Studio and since Visual Studio 2012 has been supported in production since the Beta was released I am going with 2010 and 2012 Smile

Boy but Visual Studio installs fast on SSD’s…

Figure: Almost all done

Well that went a lot smother than I was expecting… I really don’t know what I was expecting, but I am a little disappointed that everything just worked. Nothing for us geeks to fix!

Figure: I don’t expect any problems here

Now why can’t the SharePoint team get their bits together to be able to do this? I bet I could install Visual Studio 2003 on here with no problems even if MSFT has not tested it. Could you imagine of Office did not work on the new OS? Heads would  roll…

Figure: Woohoo….

Now lets fire this thing up…

Figure: Looking good…

Now with no extra patch I will preform the miraculous feet of connecting to TFS 2012…

Figure: Look… no really long names forward compatibility update


Running Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 8 not only works, but works well. Don’t be afraid of Windows 8 for Visual Studio’s sake… just jump in and get going…

-Are you still deploying software to older OS’s? Did you know that that you can flip between VS 2010 SP1 and VS 2012 with no problems? Well we do and we know how. Contact today…

  • Jaco ter Braak

    My VS10 install doesn’t get past the Application Error Reporting… it just fails there with some error code.

  • Jaco ter Braak

    My VS10 install doesn’t get past the Microsoft Application Error Reporting… I used Full installation and it just fails there with some error code:

    “Microsoft Application Error Reporting: [2] CMsiComponent::Install() expects the setup file for Microsoft Application Error Reporting, but the file failed verification.” I have redownloaded the VS10 iso from MSDN, but same result.

  • Jaco ter Braak

    My VS10 install doesn’t get past the Microsoft Application Error Reporting… I used Full installation and it just fails there with some error code:

    “Microsoft Application Error Reporting: [2] CMsiComponent::Install() expects the setup file for Microsoft Application Error Reporting, but the file failed verification.” I have redownloaded the VS10 iso from MSDN, but same result.

  • My VS 2010 doesn’t recognize .NET Framework 4 on Windows 8.

  • My VS 2010 doesn’t recognize .NET Framework 4 on Windows 8.

  • My VS 2010 doesn’t recognize .NET Framework 4 on Windows 8.

    • Can you share your exact error message? I have run this install a bunch of times recently as I am running a training course with VS 2010 in Windows 8…

  • Iwan Saputra

    when i running localhost with mysql connected through visual studio 2010, it stuck and error.. so i switch back to windows 7 and works perfectly..

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  • KBW

    I also just jumped in and installed VS2010 Premium with no problems and was able to start working right away. However, I noticed that the project references has some issue… the name “References” doesn’t show up in VS. This is a minor issue but it keeps me wondering what other issues may be lurking…

    I’ve decided to go with a VM running Windows 7 for development and I will test on Win8. I’m still trying to figure out how to run Hyper-V on Win8 though; doesn’t seem to come out of the box.

    • Hyper-V does indeed come out of the box… you just need to go to “Add features to Windows” to enable it…

  • saim

    realy i want to jump again windows 7 there is sooooooo much issues with 8

    i share with u ( if no solution so i will install 7)

    Error while enabling Windows feature NetFx3.

    Applies to: Microsoft Windows Server 8 Beta, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 RC0, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V.

    Problem Description.

    We were installing SQL Server 2012 RC0 on a Windows Server 8 virtual machine, and the installation was already in progress when we received the following error:

    Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Release Candidate 0 Setup
    The following error has occurred:
    Error while enabling Windows feature: NetFx3, Error Code: -2146498298, Please try enabling
    Windows feature: NetFx3 from Windows management tools and then run setup again. For more
    information on how to enable Windows features, see

    so what i i do with sql server …..???
    i m using visual studio 2012 but sql server ???

    • david novella

      I got the same issue like you.
      After a searched at google, i found that the problem itself is because you need .net framework 3.x and this version is not installed by default on win 8, then you have to go to control panel > enable / disable window and check the .net framework 3.x. This will install it on your machine (you need internet connection in order to achive this).
      After the installation of .net framework 3.x (NetFx3) you can install sql server 2012 without problem.
      Good luck and i hope this can be of help to you.

      • The SQL Install should add the feature that you need, but @google-7973205b47909258ab09a96c7d567b31:disqus is correct that you can ad it manually.. I think I have only had to do that once…

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  • Gabriel Gimenez

    Buenas noches a todos.

    Hoy instale el visual estudio 2010 en una maquina con windows 8.1. Al momento de terminar la instalación me tira un cartel diciendo: Solucionar un problema con visual estudio profiling control driver. La descripción del mensaje de error dice lo siguiente: Visual estudio profiling control driver se ha bloqueado y no se podrá ejecutar porque podría impedir que su equipo se inicie correctamente en el futuro. Su versión de visual estudio profiling control driver no es compatible con esta versión de windows.

    Luego cuando voy al instalador me dice que la instalación fue exitosa. Abro el visual estudio y me tira un msj de error con Microsoft visual estudio dejo de funcionar. Y me da las opciones de depurar o cerrar programa. En síntesis no me muestra siquiera la ventana de inicio del visual studio. Cada vez que lo vuelvo a abrir me aparece ese mensaje.

    Probé desinstalandolo y volviendolo a instalar, instale la versión premium, la ultimate y también el service pack1. Reinicie miles de veces y no ha caso.

    Trate de ser lo mas claro posible, por favor si a alguien le paso o sabe como solucionarlo que me diga.

    Muchísimas gracias.

    • You will need to install Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2010 to make this work. I would also recommend installing all Windows Updates with WU set to get updates for all Microsoft products on your computer. This should technically bring SP1 for VS2010 down as well but installing it manually is best.


      Usted necesitará instalar el Service Pack 1 para Visual Studio 2010 hacer este trabajo. También recomiendo instalar todas las actualizaciones de Windows con WU a obtener actualizaciones para todos los productos de Microsoft en su computadora. Esto debe técnicamente derribar SP1 para VS2010 así pero instalarlo manualmente es mejor.

      • Gabriel Gimenez

        Martin, gracias por tu respuesta. Te comento que ya instale el SP1 y no hay caso me sigue sin andar. Cada vez que abro el visual studio me tira el msj de error diciendo: Visual Studio dejo de funcionar. Depurar o cerrar programa.

        • It sounds like you have a broken install of Visual Studio 2010. I would suggest that you uninstall Visual Studio 2010 and then install it from the start.

          Why 2010 anyway?


          Parece que tienes una roto la instalación de Visual Studio 2010. Yo sugeriría que desinstalar Visual Studio 2010 y luego instalarlo desde el principio.

          ¿Por qué 2010 de todos modos?

          • Gabriel Gimenez

            Lo desinstale y lo volvi a instalar. Probe con la versión premiun y la ultimate. Con las dos pasa exactamente lo mismo. Tiene que ser el 2010 ya que es la versión que usan en el trabajo.
            Muchas gracias.

          • 🙁 Have you tried downloading a new copy from MSDN? Have you tried on another build of Windows? You company may have removed something that Visual Studio needs…


            ¿Has intentado descargar una nueva copia de MSDN? ¿Has probado en otra versión de Windows? Su empresa puede haber eliminado algo que Visual Studio necesita…

  • Dita Ohev Zion

    Is it possible to install VS 10 express version on windows 8 ?

  • Nigel Ian Bulley

    I can install Visual Studio 2010 on anything see my blog page . If you are a C# developer though I hope you have a sense of humour, otherwise some of the other content is going to give you “one hell of a kick in the teeth”


    mine gets stuck at installing microsoft application error reporting.

  • Manisha Modun

    Hi. Can someone tell me where can i download visual basic 2010?

    • I am not sure that I understand your question. There is no product called Visual Basic 2010. Visual Basic is part of Visual Studio. You can download visual studio from and if you have an MSDN subscription you can still download old versions (like 2010) from It is worth noting that all of the 2010 products drop out of mainstream support in July 2015.

      • Manisha Modun

        I think i made a mistake! its visual studio. Thank you for replying.

  • Gaurav Kothari

    I am trying to install visual studio 2010 on windows 8.1. The moment installation process ends, an html file opens in MS Word (which i think is supposed to be opening in internet explorer). And then I do not know what should I do to proceed further.