DevOps & Engineering with Visual Studio & Azure

Improve your engineering practices with DevOps and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

You can’t build successful software without exceptional teams and naked Agility is here to make sure that your teams have the DevOps & Agile knowledge and skills required to deliver high quality, working software, on a regular cadence.

Engineering Excellence

Engineering excellence is about more than just construction or coding. Its about making sure that you not only build the right software, but that it is always kept in a working state. We work to teach, advice, coach, and finally mentor your teams to delight your customers will software they can use.


You can’t have a good ALM strategy without automation. It is at the heart of agile practices and continuous techniques. If you want tight feedback loops between the engineering teams and the customers you simply must have as much automation as you can get. From automated testing with CodedUI, Selenium, and SpeckFlow to continuous build and delivery with Team Build and PowerShell, your team needs the skills and knowledge to continuously improve and streamline your release pipeline.

ALM Platform & DevOps

Many organizations are adopting the new application lifecycle management practices known as DevOps to speed the completion of software and produce higher-quality outcomes. We work with many organisations, small and very large, to help them integrate these new DevOps practices into their overall ALM strategies.

In order for both DevOps and Agility to succeed you need to invest in certain principals & practices that will help you along your journey.

Not all of these practices will be relevant to your company with your people and your software. Even the items listed above will never be implemented the same way in another organisation. You need to be willing to try something, and see if it works for you.

While never a one size fits all it makes a lot of sense to train everyone in your organisation in the tools and practices that you are going to ask them to adopt.