Partner Terms of Business

naked Agility Ltd. works with many partners worldwide. This page, along with consulting Terms of Business, outlines how naked Agility Ltd.operates. We are a consultancy and not a contractor.

Partner Consulting & Training

This section is for consulting organisations that wish to retain our services to help facilitate their own customer engagements and is in addition or in amendment to what is described above.

Consulting Partners

naked Agility Ltd. works often with partners and appreciates that they want to provide the best experts to their customers. To that end we work through larger partners in many countries around the world. The partner is free to charge whatever rates they want to the end customer. naked Agility Ltd. rate to the partner will be 85% of the partner fee with a minimum of 171 GBP per hour (1196 GBP per day) excluding T & E.

For training provided through a consulting partner to their customers (excluding public courses) the same rules apply with the minimum being the rate described above in the Private onsite Training section.

Training Partners

If you are a training company looking to provide any of naked Agility Ltd. courses (, ALM Training, or our own) publically then for all of our courses our fee is 85% of the final fee for your attendees (minimums apply) + T & E.

Training Partner Course Fees
Course Length Licence Fee Minimum per student
Professional Scrum Foundations 2 days 150 GBP 800 GBP
Professional Scrum Master 2 days 250 GBP 1000 GBP
Professional Scrum Developer 3 days 250 GBP 1200 GBP

Referral Partners

As it is hard to find ALM competent people we get many referrals from other companies. These companies often don’t want to be accountable for naked Agility Ltd. invoice and terms. In this case naked Agility Ltd. will bill the customer directly and provide a referral fee to the partner. The fee will be 10% (inclusive of VAT) of profit from the total engagement with the customer.

Unless otherwise specified, future work with the customer sourced directly by naked Agility Ltd. does not constitute a referral and is not eligible for the referral fee.