Visual Studio Team Test Quick Reference Guide 1.0



If you are in any way involved in or thinking bout Testing code, Websites or Web Services then you should have a look at the VSTT Quick Reference Guide 1.0 which the Visual Studio Team System Rangers team has published on CodePlex.

If only this had been published weeks ago when I was delving into the world of web and load test I would have had a much easier time as most of the problems that I encountered have solutions offered right here in this document.

Here is a summary of the document from the horses mouth:


This document is a collection of items from public blog sites, Microsoft® internal discussion aliases

(sanitized) and experiences from various Test Consultants in the Microsoft Services Labs. The idea is to

provide quick reference points around various aspects of Microsoft Visual Studio® Team Test edition

that may not be covered in core documentation, or may not be easily understood. The different types of

information cover:

· How does this feature work under the covers?

· How can I implement a workaround for this missing feature?

· This is a known bug and here is a fix or workaround.

· How do I troubleshoot issues I am having?

This Ranger solution is the result of an on-going multi-year cooperation with Microsoft Services Labs. Some of you might still remember the exciting news after over one year of cooperation with members of Services Labs which resulted in booting our competitor off our campus. Our message was, “yes we admit that we don’t have feature parity with the market leader in testing but we have a flexible framework and can extend and customize to fill the gaps”. In a team effort with Services Labs, we managed to beat Mercury in one of the largest Services engagements (Motorola/911 public project).

Services Labs is a professional testing center and until that point, they had specialized in delivering enterprise level professional testing services but their primary tooling was not VSTT. After switching to our products, they had the challenge of mapping their testing knowledge to VSTT which was not as mature as the competitors products. Their test engineers and test consultants had to figure out how to tweak our tools  and find workarounds to do the same testing procedures. The result is a concentrated reference book with 80 pages of no-nonsense prescriptive guide.

As you can see this document is not a theoretical document, but a real world problems, real world solutions kinda thing that  has been created with a lot of hard work and customer interaction…

Well done Rangers…

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