Introduction to Scrum & Empiricism

This workshop will introduce the Scrum Framework, dispel myths, and bring the core purpose of the Scrum Events, rather than the mechanics to the forefront. The Scrum Framework Empiricism What now?

Professional Scrum Primer

The Professional Scrum Primer course is a 2-hour workshop that revisits the Scrum Framework and answers any questions that you may have from reading the Scrum Guide, implementing Scrum at your organisation, or just want to ask.

Engineering Practices Workshop

This workshop includes instructor demo and guided discussion focusing on agile software engineering practices. The instructor will cover relevant engineering and ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) practices. Request Course Download Syllabus

Agile Requirements Workshop

It can be hard to understand how to break down your backlog into actionable requirement that are small enough to fit in a sprint. This workshop shows you how to break down desirements into backlog items.