Hosted Sticky Buddy

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I now have a nice hosted version of the TFS Sticky Buddy that is fairly fast and deploys using ClickOnce, but you do need to make sure that you already have .NET 3.5 and Team Explorer 2008 installed first…     Technorati Tags: .NET ALM WIT TFS


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Well I finally got of by behind and set up a site for RDdotNET, its not special or clever, but it does let me host ClickOnce Applications like the TFS Sticky Buddy and give a single portal to my other tools. I only have TFS Sticky Buddy and TFS Event Handler up at the moment, […]

Vote for your feature

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I am currently taking votes for which features will make it into the next version of the TFS Sticky Buddy (v1.1 CTP 1), which will move towards v2.0. The current list of features is slim, but specific. Features (11 Votes) Click an item to submit your vote… Votes Status Title 2 Add Second diagram for […]

TFS Sticky Buddy v1.0

This is the first full release of the TFS Sticky Buddy application written in VB.NET 9 and WPF with Visual Studio 2008 Team Suit. The application provides a graphical view of TFS Work Items and allow user to navigate round either the Area (Codeplex Component) or Iteration (Codeplex Release) tree. It displays all the work […]

End of another Sticky week…

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As you have probably noticed I have been soldiering on with the TFS Sticky Buddy project, and I though I would share. With the next release you will be able to connect to any external (not on same domain) TFS server including CodePlex servers and load up your projects. The TFS Sticky Buddy guest stars […]

TFS Stick Buddy v0.4.0 CTP2 released

All to soon and it is that time again…I have been developing, hell bent on getting a working sticky buddy online, and here it is… Download TFS Stick Buddy v0.4.0 CTP2 Now… With this version you can select what work items you want to display by choosing a Query from the list. You can add […]

TFS Sticky Buddy v0.3.1 CTP1

There is a Community Technology Preview release of the Team Foundation Server Sticky Buddy digital dashboard project that is built using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). I have used the source code from the Family.Show project to create functionality and a look that is appealing. You can download it from the Codeplex site and you can […]

Creating a better TFS Sticky Buddy (Core)

Over the last week I have been looking at the source for the Family.Show application from Vertigo. I needed to look at methods of presentation of hierarchical information graphically using WPF and I saw this as a good representation of that sort of data. So I se about not only converting it to VB.NET but […]

Developer joins TFS Sticky Buddy project

I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of interest in the Sticky Buddy project. I was particularly exited when Siddharth Bhatia contacted me, but disappointed that he could not get the proof of concept versions to work. Well, hopefully that is about to change with the addition of Eric Willeke to the development team. […]

TFS Sticky Buddy POC (WinForms) release

You can now Download the TFS Sticky Buddy windows forms proof of concept demo from the Codeplex site. This is a proof of concept release of the Team Foundation Server Sticky Buddy digital dashboard project that is built using Windows Forms. This version has layout issues, but is provided as is for demonstration use. The […]