Requirement management in the modern application lifecycle with TFS

Managing requirements is hard and no single tool can tell you how to achieve that within your organisation. To that end, Visual Studio 2012 TFS stays out of the “where do your requirements come from” world and firmly in the “i have my requirements.. .what now?” world and indeed the tools built on top of the requirement management system stay in one niche.

List all files changed under an Iteration

I was asked by a colleague to provide a list of all files that were changed under a particular iteration. Rather than delving into the data, I made a couple […]

Live Framework

I have been getting very interested in the new Azure Services Platform and how I can use it to facilitate WPF development. Imagine being able to launch a ClickOnce application […]

TFS Event Handler v1.1 released

Updated and improved for Team System 2008. The TFS Event Handler makes it easier to notify users of changes to Work Items in Team Foundation Server. You will no […]

Least opportune time.

Here I am slogging my guts out, trying to get TFS Sticky Buddy v2.0 out the door and bang goes the TFS server 🙁    This is tfs05 on the […]

TFS Sticky Buddy v2.0

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I will be working on some new features to the Sticky Buddy application. Improvements in the interface, along with a more modular structure and more diagram offering are in the […]

TFS Sticky Buddy Update

The Sticky Buddy has been updated to fix the following problems: Votes ID Title 2 2598 Application has stopped responding” when Logging into CodePlex and a Domain is not entered […]