Woops I installed Windows 8 instead of Windows 8 Pro!

Microsoft Windows

After installing Windows 8 I tried to do a couple of things that I normally do to set up my computer. I went to enable “Remote Desktop”… but there was no options. Hmm… I wanted to make a change to the “Local Security Settings…”. Hmmm… Both of these things were missing and I started to […]

Windows 8 Issue: Local network is detected as public

When you are running hyper-v you get the option to create private virtual switches to compartmentalise your network coms. if however you are using Windows 8 it may define those networks as “Public Networks” and tighten up your security so much that you cant communicate with other computers. Figure: Other networks detected as Public when […]

Allow user to change the region for Windows Live ID billing

Recently I was burned rather heavily be Microsoft Billing due to their inability to change the region (country) of an account. Yes, you heard me right, there is NO way to change your billing region and the ONLY solution Microsoft can offer is to create a new account. Update 2013-01-16 – Microsoft opens international barriers […]