Creating WCF Service Host Programmatically

If you want to create a Windows Communication Foundation Service Host on the fly then you will need to first create a base address. I would recommend using the DNS host entry instead of the My.Computer.Name as I had many problems on the corporate network with [computername] not working with our proxy settings.    Dim […]

Custom WCF Proxy

The think that always annoys me with web services is that when you connect to it and generate the proxy it always generates proxies for all of the extra classes and interfaces as well, even when you have them available. This means that you always have to write convertors or adapters to convert one object type […]

TFS Event Handler Progress

I am making lots of progress with this project and I have only a couple of work items left for CTP1: 138 Security issues on uploaded assemblies 203 Error handling on service 204 Create Admin system as Application Now 204 is nearly complete, with only testing to go and that is dependant on 203. The […]

.NET Framework 3.0

At last .NET Framework 3.0 is live! I have been desperate to use it in work ever since I got a book on Indigo as I can see so many applications for it that would increase developer productivity and consistency. I have upgraded my CodePlex project to use WCF, and what a difference it makes: […]

Windows Communication Framework Evaluation

I am currently evaluating WCF for my company. Now, ML has some pretty strong polocies on beta software, but they seam to be missing something with WinFX. I can find information on the company intranet on Vista and Office 2007, I can even request them to be installed on my desktop as part of an […]