.NET Service Manager

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A while a go I create a Service Manager. A way of wrapping local and remote services (widgets, bits, things) for use in any application within your business or just […]

What the 0x80072020?

I have found a small bug (as in, “Not working as expected!”) in the new .NET 3.5 PrincipalContext classes. When you are running on an ASP.NET site in impersonation mode […]

Where am I?

I decided that I should have a go at this LINQ thing, so as .NET 3.5 will be RTM at the end of the month I am using LINQ and […]

Blogging about…

Well, I have not done one of these is a while…I could say that I have been busy, but I have not been 🙂 I have been finishing up at […]

Interviewing for Microsoft

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I was not sure wither I was going to post this, but I am pretty crazy anyway, so…what the hell. Last week I interviewed for a job at Microsoft…You might […]

TFS Event Handler in .NET 3.5 Part 2

I have decided to have a little go at creating a Team Foundation Server Event Handler in .NET 3.5 that is resilient and scaleable. I will be using as many […]

Developing Peer-To-Peer Applications With WCF

I recently had the need to create and deliver a presentation on Developing Peer-To-Peer Applications With WCF. Although the technical content was good, my delivery was not. I got stage […]