Rethinking ‘User Stories’: A Call for Clarity in Product Backlog Management

In the world of product development, the language we use can profoundly shape our approach to work. 🗣️ One term that I believe has been misused to the point of causing more harm than good is “User Stories”. 📚 In my latest blog post, I argue for a shift away from this term towards a more flexible and transparent framework for describing our work: “Product Backlog Items”. 🔄 This change can help us avoid the pitfalls of trying to force all our work into a user story format and ultimately lead to more effective product development. 💡 Join me as I delve into this topic and propose a new way of thinking about our work. 🚀 #ProductDevelopment #BacklogManagement

Agile Requirements Workshop

It can be hard to understand how to break down your backlog into actionable requirement that are small enough to fit in a sprint. This workshop shows you how to break down desirements into backlog items.

Do you know that every user story should have an owner?

When you are building complicated software and working with customers it is always nice for them to have some idea on who to speak to about a particular story during a sprint. Update 14th April 2010 Rule added to Rules to better Scrum with TFS In order to achieve this one of the Team takes […]