Why you need to tag your build servers in TFS

At SSW we use gated check-in for all of our projects. The benefits are based on the number of developers you have working on your project. Lets say you have 30 developers and each developer breaks the build once per month. That could mean that you have a broken build every day! Gated check-ins help, […]

Guidance: How to layout you files for an Ideal Solution

Creating a solution and having it maintainable over time is an art and not a science. I like being pedantic and having a place for everything, no matter how small. For setting up the Areas to run Multiple projects under one solution see my post on  When should I use Areas in TFS instead of […]

Upgrading from TFS 2010 RC to TFS 2010 RTM done

Today is the big day, with the Launch of Visual Studio 2010 already done in Asia, and rolling around the world towards us, we are getting ready for the RTM. We have had TFS 2010 Beta 2 and RC in Production for nearly 6 months and have had only joy, so moving to the RTM […]

Who broke the build?

I recently sent round a list of broken builds at SSW and asked for them to be fixed or deleted if they are not being used. My colleague Peter came back with a couple of questions which I love as it tells me that at least one person reads my email I think first we […]

Do you know the minimum builds to create on any branch?

When creating projects one of the only ways that you have of proving that it works and is a viable solution is to build it. This is easy when you only have one developer and that developer will be the only one using a solution. But what if you have 2 developers? How do you […]

Solution: Getting Silverlight to build on Team Foundation Build Services 2010

This is SSW’s first time using Team Build 2010 to automatically create a Silverlight application. In the past the guys have used Cruse Control, but we want to move to a pure TFS 2010 solution. When one of our developers (Allan) added a Silverlight 3 project to the Solution our build server spat it out. […]

Fail a build if tests fail

It took me longer than I thought it would to find this, but is you are using TFS2008 and you want builds to fail if any of the tests fail then you can add the following to the tests properties group in your build project (TFSBuild.prof) <PropertyGroup> <!– TEST ARGUMENTS If the RunTest property is […]

MSBuild and Business Intelligence Packages, Ahhhhhh!

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I have been trying to get a handle on doing an automated build of our Business Intelligence solutions and I am always running into problems around the (IMO badly build) BI Packages that are installed via SQL. They do not support Test, they do not support build. There has been no thought given to how […]