Assembly Version does not change in Visual Basic Workflow projects

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If you are having an issue with the assembly version in your compiled assembly not updating after a rebuild then you are not alone. The is a bug in the Visual Basic compiler that causes this problem and it requires a manual fix: Not hard, but annoying… To check the problem, double click on […]

Another day another Codeplex Project

I have been using the Useful Sharepoint Designer Custom Workflow Activities project on CodePlex to augment the capabilities of SharePoint Designer to add such features as “Start another workflow” which is very useful for compartmentalising your workflow so as to not make it too complicated. Well I found a wee problem. The “Lookup user info” […]

Major deadline

 Well the faeces hit the fan at work today…let me explain… We have a completely unmanaged Sharepoint Portal server at work. It was installed in early 2004 and has been running in self service mode ever since. Not all of the company is using it, but those that are, are using it heavily. Particularly areas […]

Waffling on SharePoint…

Documentation, documentation and more documentation.. The life blood of IT. The only problem being that it is very difficult for a technically minded individual such as myself to write documentation with NO technical content what so ever! These documents are what the business really want; They do not care that the workflow capabilities of SharePoint […]

Setting up SharePoint for the Enterprise

I currently have the task of setting up SharePoint Portal for my company. But here is the kicker, they have users in almost every country in the world, so how to structure the deployment. I knew roughly how to do this, but a post by Jose Barreto entitled “The Legend of the Single, Multi-Terabyte, Replicating […]

Installing MOSS 2007 from scratch

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I am having occasion to rebuild my Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) development server. In fact, I killed it by adding a Business Data Catalog (BDC) that pointed to a table that had just over a million rows… Now, maybe this would not have caused a problem if I was not using a single server […]

Kerberos and SharePoint 2007

If you want to use Kerberos authentication and not NTLM with SharePoint then there are some extra tasks that you need to get someone with Domain Admin privileges to perform. For EVERY dns / port combination a SPN needs to be added to Active Directory to tell it that it  is allowed to use Kerberos […]

Connecting to SQL Server using DNS update

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OK, I now have the additional SPN’s added to AD that I mentioned in my post and a listing returns: C:>setspn [servername]Registered ServicePrincipalNames for CN=[servername],OU=Member Servers,DC=[domain],DC=biz:    MSSQLSvc/spdata.ep-dev.[domain].biz:1422    MSSQLSvc/spdata.ep-dev.[domain].biz:1433    MSSQLSvc/[servername].[domain].biz:1422    MSSQLSvc/[servername].[domain].biz:1433    SMTPSVC/[servername]    SMTPSVC/[servername].[domain].biz    HOST/[servername].[domain]    HOST/[servername] So when I now try to log into SQL server using spdata.ep-dev.[domain].biz/EPDev and Windows Authentication, all is well and I can […]

Connecting to SQL Server using DNS

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If you want to connect to a SQL server using DNS you will need to have both the “SQL Server Browser” service and an SPN setup in your domain to allow authentication. This allows the DNS name that you have setup to authenticate against the SQL Server using integrated authentication. setspn MSSQLSvc/spdata.ep-dev.[domain].biz:1422 [servername]setspn MSSQLSvc/spdata.ep-dev.[domain].biz:1433 [servername] […]

The SharePoint Plan: Database move headache mitigation

SharePoint requires SQL Server. That’s a given, but what if you want to move the SQL Server databases to another server? TFS is easy enough to move between servers, but SharePoint is NOT. The only answer I can find is to do a full backup and restore from SharePoint, which takes time and effort. The […]