The Race for Market Responsiveness: A Fresh Perspective on Organisational Agility

🍵 Pondering over organisational agility, I realise the goal isn’t to be ‘agile’ or to implement SAFe, Nexus, or Scrum@Scale. 🎯 It’s about seizing opportunities faster than competitors, pivoting swiftly, and handling surprises with agility. 🌍 In a fast-paced world, it’s time for organisations to rebuild their processes, tailored to their unique needs. 🦁 The survival of the fittest applies to the corporate world too.

Are technical skills required to be a Scrum Master?

As part of the webinar “Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer – Martin Hinshelwood – Answering Your Most Pressing Scrum Questions” I was asked a number of questions. Since not only was I on the spot and live, I thought that I should answer each question that was asked again here, as well as those […]