NDC London 2014: Why TFS no longer sucks and VSO is awesome

I was in London last week to do a talk on why TFS no longer sucks entitled “Second Look, Team Foundation Server & VSO”. I had a tone of preparatory work to do too make the demos smooth. The great god Murphy was however not smiling, but he was not angry. Some errors occurred, but no blue screens. […]

Could not find mappings for all states defined in ‘Test Suit’ work item type

After upgrading to TFS 2013.3 you get some reports of errors in MTM from your users. Specifically they get a “Could not find mappings for all states defined in ‘Test Suit’ work item type” error when connecting. I have also seen “TF400860: TestManagement: Version 19, MinVersion: 19” in some cases in the web access.

An adoption strategy for testing with Visual Studio 2010

Its hard for developers to work with testers and its hard for testers to work with developers. There are many tools out there to help teams break down those barriers between them and I really like both the features and workflow of Microsoft Test Manager (MTM). While I am not a tester, I am a […]

Testing with Test Professional 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

On Monday 24th October one of our consultants, Dan Wood, is presenting our course on Testing with Visual Studio ALM. The course is running on Monday 24th October and I managed to get NWC to provide 10 additional seats for you guys at the discounted rate. If you are in Europe then it is a […]