Release planning and predictable delivery

Many organisations wrestle with the seeming incompatibility between agile and release management and they struggle with release planning and predictable delivery.

Government Cloud First policy

Why is it that while there is a Government Cloud First policy there are so much fear of cloud in the public sector? I have been working with a number of government and local council agencies in the UK and I found that they are still trying to decide if cloud is a good idea. […]

Open-source with VSTS or TFS and Github for better DevOps

I have had quite a few requests from folks that want to use the full capabilities of VSTS or TFS but really need to have the code published in Github as it is Open-Source. Well I build a few Open-Source projects and I want to have my cake and eat it too.. I want to […]

Branch Policies for TFVC

Have you looked enviously at the Branch Policy feature for Git in TFS or VSTS? Are you stuck on TFVC? How would you implement Branch Policies on TFVC? Find out…

ALM Events and public courses in 2015 Q2

I have had a lot of folks asking for dates of the public courses that I will be running in the next few months. When I moved back from the USA and started consulting I initially alighted at my parents’ house as the house I was in before moving out was still being rented. Well […]