Bruce Lee on Scrum and Agile

There are wise people in this world and that wisdom often transcends the topic that they are intentionality addressing. Good philosophy can be applied beyond those bounds. As an example, here is Bruce Lee on Scrum and Agile…

TFS Process Template migration script updated

Did you know that you can quite easily upgrade, or change, your process template from one to another? Did you notice I used the “quite” in there. Well if you think of the Process Template as the blueprints then the Team Project that you create is the concrete instance of that blueprint.

Metrics that matter with evidence-based management

I was recently asked to speak at ALM Days in Dusseldorf and more specifically to create a talk on Metrics and KPI’s for Quality. As I have been working a lot recently with evidence-based management.

Agile Requirements Workshop

It can be hard to understand how to break down your backlog into actionable requirement that are small enough to fit in a sprint. This workshop shows you how to break down desirements into backlog items.

There is no “do agile” there is only “be agile”

I commented on Scrum is hard to adopt and disruptive to your organisation before and I think that for most companies this is just beyond their comprehension. They are fundamentally misunderstanding agile and trying to do agile rather than be agile

The Insufficiency of Scrum is a fallacy

The insufficiency of Scrum is a fallacy perpetrated by teams that don’t step up their practices in concert with their planning and don’t really want to make it work anyway. You can fail doing Kanban, XP or Merese and SSADM just as easily. The goal of Agile is to have you fail sooner and for it to cost less.