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Scrum-damentals Webcast on 17th February 2012


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We often speak about the basics of scrum and rarely get into the problems and I wanted a session that represented the “next steps” after deciding that this Scrum thing was a good idea. I will, hopefully, be hitting this session at those that already understand Scrum, but are looking for a little implementation knowledge and guidance before they get stuck in.

UPDATE: [Register for Scrum-damentals on 17th February 2012]

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UPDATE: I have added both a link to the PDF and the recording below. The sound is a little tinny as the room I was in was a echo box, but hey…you can’t have everything.

Download: Training – [Coffee] – Scrum-damentals 2012.pdf

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Webcast: The Scrum-damentals is just beyond the basics

As this is an open session it will still be busy (they always are) and there will be only a little room for questions. But I do want to try to spend more time on the complexities so most of my presentation and discussion is on the challenges and strategies of playing the game that is Scrum:

  1. What are the basics?
  2. What are the challenges?
  3. What are the strategies?

While I will try to cover many aspects of individual problems that are raised, there is usually a myriad of them so feel free to comment below with anything that does not get answered tomorrow.

Scrum is the most adopted and recognized agile methodology framework. However, there are still challenges to Scrum adoption. This Event will dive into several Scrum adoption pitfalls and how an organization can avoid them. In particular, we will highlight some of the proven practices that have worked for diverse sets of teams. We will also leave time for questions and encourage attendees to bring your most challenging problems.
Extract from Scrum-damentals on 17th February 2012

Make sure that you sign up as I am looking forward to this one.

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