Leadership Essentials

Our May event with author of The Leadership Book, Neil Jurd OBE. Hosted by Sathpal Singh and Donald Henderson

TWO Ways For Scrum Backlog Refinement [ It’s NOT Backlog Grooming ]

The topic Product Backlog Refinement interestingly has caused unnecessary conflicts in many companies … it has caused bloodbath in some companies too. The Product Backlog refinement has left many questions and misunderstandings in the Scrum team. Who is supposed to refine and more details onto the Product Backlog item? Is this the Product Owner’s job? […]

The Great Resignation

Our April 2022 session with April Jefferson exploring the great resignation in a relax informal exploratory session. Hosted by Sathpal Singh.

What Is Agile In 2022 Under 8 Minutes | Agile According To Twelve People In A Company

The frequency of the term “Agile” mentioned in corporate daily conversation has increased during the pandemic. The amount of people getting agile certifications and training also have increased. But what does agile really means? Do you know what it means? Do people around you really know what it means? In this video, I interview twelve […]

[Live Stream] Scrum with UX in the Same Sprint to Maximise Business Outcome

#scrum #ux #design Whenever someone said it’s not possible, there’s someone out there who will challenge the status quo and say it’s possible. When many UX and engineers in the industry said that UX need to work separately and work one Sprint ahead of the engineers, Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden said that this is […]