Living with your end in mind

Our November event, on the 16th with Dr Caitlan Walker, author of From Contempt to Curiosity. In this interactive session Caitlan helped the group practice applying some clean language based conversations. Hosted by Sathpal Singh and Donald Henderson.

Improve Your Sprint Goal With This Simple Guideline …

The Sprint Goal can affect how the Sprint is run. However, there are quite many organisations who still have a misperception that the Sprint is only a mini-waterfall and the Sprint Goal is about finishing all of the Product Backlog items that has been prescribed. In this video, I share with you my simple guideline […]

Product Vision, Product Goal and Product Roadmap in Scrum

In this video I will elaborate how Product Vision, Product Goal and also Product Roadmap in the context of Scrum look like. 00:00 Introduction 01:58 What is Product Vision 04:14 What is Product Goal 06:00 Who makes the Product Vision and Product Goal 07:40 Product Roadmap in Scrum context 09:17 Closing And here is the […]

Overview of The Scrum Framework with Martin Hinshelwood

Scrum is a lightweight framework that helps people, teams, and organizations generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems. The Scrum Framework is made up of five values, three Accountabilities, three artefacts, and five events. In this video, I’ll go through an overview of each one, explaining what they are for and why they are […]