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Professional Scrum Foundations coming to Glasgow, Scotland in November 2013


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PST-Badge-v2-web-transparentFor too long has Scotland been ignored in Professional  Scrum Training. I am not sure if there has ever been a Scrum.org course held here as I could not find one and the last time Ken was here was way back in 2004.

flag-scotlandBack in 2009 Ken Schwaber decided to leave the Scrum Alliance and head out on his own to build an organisation that is based on the values that he felt that they had lost. I got involved in early 2010 with the Professional Scrum Developer beta Train-the-Trainer event in Sydney.

The courses from Scrum.org are not just about teaching the mechanics of the Scrum Framework. The standard curriculum used by all Scrum.org trainers drives consistent quality in training, messaging, and coaching. By having a standard library of courseware shared by all trainers, companies can ensure that they are receiving the same high-quality training content from every trainer in every course around the world. And, that course material is collaboratively maintained by all trainers to create a network effect of improvement shared by each and every trainer. This consistent message eliminates confusion that would otherwise impede progress.

Note If the dates listed below do not suit you or you want to conduct a private course then please contact us today to book your dates.

Professional Scrum Foundations (2 days)

For: Stakeholders, Executives, Coders, Testers, Analysis, and anyone else who interacts with the Scrum Team

Professional Scrum Foundations

Unbeknownst to most the Professional Scrum Foundations course is the answer to “but I don’t want to be a Scrum Master” and “Why would I want 9 Scrum Masters on my team”.  This two day training is perfect for teams adopting agile to get a common and consistent understanding of the framework. My most successful executions of this course include folks from all areas of your business so that everyone understands both what is expected of them and what they should expect from the team under Scrum. Don’t worry you still get a complimentary attempt at the “PSM I” assessment so everyone can get a Scrum Master certification if they wish…

I have previously run this course in Park City, UT where I had a warehouse supervisor be the biggest dissenter to participation in the first half day. He then went on to be the main proponent and evangelist of the process within the warehouse. That is the power of this course… it is an adoption catalyst that helps everyone get on to the same page.

If you are looking to create a wide understanding of Scrum within your organisation as a a prelude to full adoption then this is for you.

Professional Scrum Master (2 days)


For: Scrum Masters interested in understanding the advanced techniques of Scrum


The Professional Scrum Master course is designed for those few individuals within your teams that are destined to be process overlords. This two day course is a deep dive and discussion on how to best implement Scrum and to anchor the changes within your organisation. You get a complimentary attempt at the “PSM I” and 40% off the “PSM II” assessments.

If you are experienced at Scrum and are looking to move more towards process coaching then the Scrum Master is for you. It dives into the questions of adoption and many of the strategies to making your path to agility more likely to succeed.

Professional Scrum Developer (3 day)


For: Coders, Testers, Analysts, and anyone else working on a Development Team


The Professional Scrum Developer course is the only official user based training on Microsoft Visual Studio ALM. It comes in both .NET and Java option and is specifically designed to expose your Development Team Members to the Practices and Tools that help you effectively deliver working, high quality software Sprint on Sprint. This course is awesome and you should have a look at the fact sheet above. It is a perfect start for a development team staring Scrum or if your practices have been stalled.


These courses are awesome and can really help with a Scrum adoption especially early on to help instil the values and principles in your teams. However no amount of training can anchor those values and principles required to achieve true agility and you should look to bring in a coach to help your teams stick to the path. I would expect that the first job of any coach would be to find someone internal to your organisation to mentor into becoming your permanent coach and torchbearer.

For all your Scrum needs you should head on over to http://scrum.org and check out the forums and and other offerings.

If however you are in Europe then you can find an expert closer to home.

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