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Training Schedule 2021 Q4/2022 Q1


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I have been working on perfecting my techniques by incorporating Liberating Structures, Training from the Back of the Room, and Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching into my deliveries. I have found, along with many other trainers, that live-virtual delivery of classes can be more powerful, and more engaging.

We can do this by leveraging the additional time format, timezones, and techniques that are available in the virtual world. I for one have found it better all around! I have been able to engage with more customers and spend more time with them all. It has moved my training business from a one-and-done model to a longer-term partnership with my customers. This is primarily due to my ability to optimise my time as I am no longer travelling 300 days a year.

Free Workshops

Not everyone is convinced that Live Virtual Classrooms can be delivered as well, if not better, than in-person classes. After 18 months of only doing live virtual classrooms, I feel that I create a significantly better experience for students with better knowledge retention than I was able to do in person. As some areas open back up it will be interesting how I can translate the new learnings to the old model.

To demonstrate value to those that are unsure I have been running some free live virtual workshops that have been live-streamed and been getting pretty good participation. Here are the recordings and murals for the most recent workshops:

Since they have been popular and allow me to experiment with new ideas more frequently than with the usual course material I am planning to continue to run them bi-weekly at a similar time. The next few

I’m only planning one workshop ahead so that I maintain my ability to change based on feedback and experiences. You can keep an eye on the Course Schedule for updates.

Training Changes and Bonuses since 2020

  • Advocates Program – Our advocate’s program allows alumni to gain 15% of any tickets from participants that use your personal invitation code.
  • Retraining Program – For those that are currently out of work we have a retraining program where you are only asked to pay a small deposit up front, and then pay when you can.
  • 30 Minute Assessment Review – Regardless of outcome get additional 1-on-1 help to focus your learning.

Public Participants

  • 1-hour Coaching Session – a 1-hour remote coaching session with your trainer to help you integrate concepts into your context (at a mutually agreeable time following the course)

Private Corporate Classes

  • 4-hour Coaching / consulting session– This represents an aditonal 25% of the trainers time to deal with follow up questions with the knowlage or implmentation within your organisation. Treat it like free consulting, and your company can use it or loose it. Make sure that you get your use.

Training Schedule 2021 Q4/2022 Q1

I have uploaded circa 15 classes over the next six months with a preference to the PSM & PSPO tracks and sporadically spotted with the other classes like PAM, PAL-EBM and PSK.

DATE Class Course LOCATION  
10 - 13 Oct, 2022
13:00-16:30 BST
Week: 41
Professional Scrum Product Owner Training
Public Advanced Training
Live Virtual Class
7 - 10 Nov, 2022
09:00-13:00 GMT
Week: 45
Professional Scrum Product Owner Training
Public Intermediate Training
Live Virtual Class
12 - 15 Dec, 2022
14:00-17:30 GMT
Week: 50
Public Beginner Training
Live Virtual Class

These are not the only classes we will be running but it is our plan for now :).

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