Free Workshop 03: Introduction to Kanban & Flow [Review & Retrospective]


This workshop was delivered on 2nd September 2021 and focused on introducing the core concepts of Kanban & Flow. I used a combination of Liberating Structures, Microsoft Teams, and Mural to deliver an interactive session. This session did not go well and timing and explanations, perhaps with other considerations resulted in a haphazard and inconsistent session from my perspective.

That said, much of the feedback was positive… so there is that!

I attempted to introduce the core concepts of Kanban and Lean in a 90-minute session and it quickly got away from me and we really were only able to focus on Batch Size.

Past Workshops

Product Vision \ Goal

Demonstrate the viability and drive interest of live virtual delivery of content as a primary and premier method to share ideas and content.

Iteration Summery

For this third session, my goal was to experiment with some new techniques for delivering Flow & Kanban in just 60-90 minutes.

We also experimented with using my Course Ticket system for taking registrations. We had over 90 people registered and about 30 people turned up. This time I made sure that all of the attendees had explicit access to the join link. I did not see any complaints about not being able to join.


The Goal for this workshop was to give participants an overview of Kanban and Flow.

Previous Review: Free Workshop 02: Introduction to Scrum & Empiricism [Review & Retrospective]


For the delivery, we used a combination of Microsoft Teams and Mural for the delivery and things went relatively well:

  • Microsoft Teams Webcast – Very late in the game I ditched this in favour of just emaileing everyone a link. This has resulted in a technology change.
  • Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms – Again the locking out of the meeting 10 minutes in results in much better participation and less breakages. We did has quite a few people leave early, however this was content and delivery realted and not technology.
  • Mural – No Additional Feedback.

For the recording and live stream we used a combination of NDI & OBS:

  • Check the previos details but this worked perfectly.


I believe that we met the goal and the feedback was very positive ( Other than those that could not get in). I was very happy with all of the technology used.

Live Recording: Introduction to Kanban & FLow with Batch Size


Negative feedback is mostly around timing and participant involvement. Getting more of the people involved is important, however, it’s hard to involve folks that don’t have their camera on when others do!

As part of the changes in technology, we will be using Lean-Agile Community from naked Agility for events going forward. Folks can join and RSVP just like Meetup.

Provide Aditional Anonymous Feedback:


In this session, I was experimenting with quite a few things to see if it would work, and it did not.

  • Mighty Networks – As part of the changes in technology, we will be using Lean-Agile Community from naked Agility for events going forward. Folks can join and RSVP just like Meetup.
  • Locking the Meeting – This worked really well and we will continue.

Whats Next?

This is the next session after this one.

Introduction to running an effective Sprint Review!


When: 16 Sep, 2021 | 16:00-17:30
Typical Duration: 90 Minutes
Skill Level: Introductory

The purpose of the Sprint Review is to figure out what to do next based on what has changed since the last one. Are you getting the feedback that you need? Come and see a recipe for a Sprint Review that might be a good starting place.

Who is it for?

Anyone involved in Sprint Reviews in any form.

Other Workshops

While these sessions are time-limited we expect to have many free sessions over time. If there are none currently you can contact us for private options.

Currently no free workshops planned, check out the full course list.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

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Live virtual Professional Scrum with UX online on 5th December over four half-days
Virtual Advanced 5
5 - 8 Dec, 2022
09:30-13:00 GMT
Live Virtual Applying Professional Scrum Minecraft on  12th December 2022
Virtual Beginner 12
12 - 15 Dec, 2022
14:00-17:30 GMT

We can deliver any of our courses as private in-house training over Microsoft Teams & Mural. We also recommend training based on your accountabilities or role, you can go directly to recommended courses for Scrum MastersProduct OwnersDevelopers and Agile Leaders.

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