Part 2: Most influential people in Agile

Spotlight on Agile Influencers: The Simon Randell Effect Diving into Part 2 of our series on the most influential figures in Agile, I’m eager to delve deeper into our ongoing exploration of the stalwarts in the Agile world, and today, I want to focus on an individual who’s been a pillar of influence for me. […]

Most Common Thing You Hear in a PSPO Course?

Common Comments from the PSPO Course Over the years teaching the PSPO course, I’ve heard one recurring sentiment from many Product Owners that goes something like this: “We don’t have that kind of control.” I hear this a lot from Product Owners seeking more control. A Call to Elevate the Role of the Product Owner […]

Most Common Thing You Hear in a PSM 1 Course?

“But in the Real World…” I’ve been guiding numerous students through the nuances of PSM 1, and there’s a recurring phrase I often hear, which is, “But in the real world…” 🌍 This has become an echo of the PSM 1 Class. This sentiment tends to arise precisely when we discuss the profound domain of […]