Scrum Master versus seasoned Agile Coach?

Scrum Master vs. Seasoned Agile Coach: What Sets Them Apart? The Scrum Master and the Agile Coach are two roles integral to the Agile universe. But what distinguishes one from the other? 🤔 While both roles have inherent value, some distinctions are worth noting. The Depth of Knowledge Every seasoned Agile Coach encompasses all the […]

Agile Training versus Agile Consulting

Why Both Are Hard-Hitting but in Different Ways Have you ever thought about how Agile Training and Agile Consulting each deliver impactful results but target distinct aspects of organisational improvement?  🤔 Agile Training: Hard-Hitting Knowledge Dissemination Agile training plays a vital role when it comes to getting the knowledge needed for the business.  It’s especially […]

Agile Coach Versus Professional Coach

Agile Coach vs. Professional Coach Have you ever wondered what sets an Agile Coach apart from a Professional Coach and what the crucial difference is? Today, I’m sharing some insights about a question I often get: Agile coach or professional coach – who should we bring on board and which one holds the edge?” 🔍 […]

What is the Sprint Planning Workshop, and How Will It Help Organisations?

Depth and Breadth of Sprint Planning What does the Sprint Planning Workshop entail? If you’re imagining a one-off gathering, think again! Our approach is designed to be comprehensive and impactful.  🚀 It’s delivered over multiple sessions and not just a one-time event. The key reason? “We want you to be able to have a chance […]