What Would You Look to Achieve with a New Scrum Team in the First 90 Days?

The Significance of the First 90 Days What would I aim to accomplish with a new Scrum team in the first 90 days? 90 days should be enough for everything, is my straightforward answer. 🎯 The time frame is important but sufficient, contingent upon the team’s and organisation’s current state. In some places, you might […]

Why Are a Scrum Team Better Served by an Agile Consultant than a Professional Coach?

Limits of Professional Coaching I often come across a compelling question: “Why is a Scrum team better served by an Agile consultant rather than a professional coach?” 🤔 Let’s face it: professional coaching has its limits. It often makes the assumption, which in many circumstances is the correct assumption, that the people you’re coaching already […]

Most Rewarding Part of Being a Scrum Developer?

The Joy of Being a Scrum Developer When attempting to unravel the heart of Scrum Development, now and then, I’m asked one question: “What truly drives a Scrum Developer?” It’s a thought-provoking question and one close to my heart and sparks a unique answer and one I genuinely relish addressing.  ✨ Build with Purpose For […]